Sunday, October 30, 2011

Eating Sucks!

So funny, but also frustrating at the same time. She is so stubborn about eating her food. As you see here she will not open her mouth for me. She tightens it up when I come near. She has figured out all my tricks to, where I would give her something to play with and then she goes to put it in her mouth and swoop comes a spoonful. Ha ha! She is not to happy in these pics.

Trunk or Treat Time!

I was going to be a gypsy and then changed at the last minute to being retro chick. Just wanted to be more comfortable. This hairstyle, I saw the tutorial video about a year ago and decided to try it on myself finally. It was pretty fun to wear it, thats for sure. And by the way, I don't usually take pictures of myself, but just really wanted to capture the hairsyle.

Our sweet kiddos! Ms. Jolee the Wizard, Mr. Gage as Captain America, and sweet Aspen as an adorable little elephant. We had a great time at the trunk or treat for our ward. The kids got a lot of candy that I am still eating. Unfortunately Matt had to work. Working in the evening really counts him out for most of the fun activities going on. We went and saw him after the activity was over and we'll get to do Halloween with him tomorrow. Yay!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Jolee had a very fun Birthday party. She had a few friends and cousin Landon there. We planned on having a slip'n'slide party and the weather turned out overcast and a bit rainy, but that didn't stop the kids from getting out there and having fun. A little rain doesn't hurt anything right? Actually kinda fun to play in.

Happy Birthday JO!

We all loved her cake, which from now on I will always get them at Sam's. They have so many options and are not that expensive.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The jumper!

She loved it immediately!

Went today and got the jumper out of the storage unit, cause Aspen is ready for it. She loves being stood up and seeing whats going on with everything and everyone. So now she gets to have a new sense of freedom without anyone having to hold her up.

Reno Trip

Daddy and Jolee

We went on a ferris wheel at this really cool sports store there in Reno.

Kutter, waiting like a good sport for us to go on the ride.

Mommy and the Gage

We went to visit Matt's grandparents up in Reno and see where Matt grew up a bit. Matt had a fun time reminicsing. It was so fun to see them and Uncle Tom. Bonnie, Kutter and Aaron came also. We all had a good time hanging out. We got to see Matts Uncle Steve and Aunt Anita too at their house. It was Anita's birthday. They have nine kids. Matt and I got to go play volleyball with some of them which was super fun and my first time since I've had the child. Can't wait to fully get back into things. All in due time, right?

Me and Grandma!

Grandpa, Matt and Aaron

Golfing and Bowling

Matt showed the kids the best way to bowl for them, and the kids loved the daddy one on one time. Uncle Tom and Aspen. He just loved her and Aspen loved him.

Kutter and Gage!

Beautiful Aspen!

At the bowling alley!

We had fun family time bowling and minature golfing. I was horrible, but I havent done it for several years, so thats my excuse, and I just had a baby, ha ha! Jolee beat me and Kutter and Gage at bowling. Matt won late in the game. Go JoJo! I love the picture Matt tried to take of me golfing with my hair flying off and away. Not a good day to wear it down. Bonnie and Uncle Tom played minature golf with us. Uncle Tom beat Bonnie and I. We had two games going with us and the kids and Matt and Kutter.

Jolee with her purple shirt and purple matching ball.

Aspen and the best Grammy!

Team 1

Team 2

plus Uncle Tom and Bonnie.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gage's Fourth Birthday

We went to Bonnie Springs with some cousins and Grammy. Pretty cute place. The kids had a good time. There were a couple of peacocks just roaming around the place. Beautiful creatures I must say.